Beautyologie is the study of finding beauty in life. 

Beauty can be found everywhere and is accessible to everyone. Sometimes you have to look a little harder for it, but most of the time it’s right in front of you. Beauty doesn’t have any parameters - it can be a feeling, a choice, an action. It can also be a tangible product that makes someone feel beautiful - on the inside and out. 


The mission of Beautyologie.com is to share first-hand stories about people, products and positive initiatives that celebrate, promote, and inspire us to seek out the beauty in our lives every day.


There’s a profound beauty about people who follow their passion… those people who find true inner peace when they’re creating good for other living beings. The way they radiate joy and enthusiasm can be infectious.


Beautyologie.com hunts down those ethical, magical must-haves that possess real purpose…items (be it that perfect red lipstick or LBD) that not only satisfies a customer’s need in a beneficial way, but also has a greater intention attached to it.

Positive Initiatives

It’s one thing to dream about making your world a better place. It’s another thing entirely to make it happen. There’s nothing more beautiful when our worlds' activists, leaders and survivors work together to create change in their lives and in the lives of others.

About the Founder / Editor / Beautyologist

Robin Tolkan-Doyle

For more than 20 years, I’ve been incredibly lucky to make a living in the beauty business. It all started with landing a coveted position as a beauty editor for an inspirational teen magazine where I got to test and write about every beauty product ever created. Years of freelance writing and editing for several publications and websites followed along with the creation of my own beauty accessory brand—Wrap Star—which graced the pages of many national magazines and the shelves of well-known shops on Fifth Avenue and Robertson Blvd. Ultimately, the public relations and marketing world of beauty and fashion accessories is where I currently reside, running the boutique agency Charmed PR since 2006.

When I turned 40, I started feeling like I wanted to do something more. On a whim, I came up with the name Beautyologie and thought it could be a fun title for a website. Except, I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted the site to be. Life and work got in the way, and before I knew it, six years flew by and the domain just sat there.

Beauty had always been at the forefront of everything I did professionally, but recently, it started to take on a different meaning for me. It wasn’t just about the products I was promoting anymore. I was more drawn to the intention behind some of them. Clean ingredient formulation, sustainability, championing causes for women, underprivileged girls, the environment, and endangered animals.

It was during a recent visit to an elephant sanctuary outside of Agra in northern India, when it all came to me. In full transparency, our tour guide gave me insight into a world that I didn’t know much about; the endangerment of elephants in India. Helming from a middle-class family, our tour guide explained how hard it was for him to leave the electrical engineering career he pursued by the behest of his parents in order to follow his true passion…rehabilitating elephants. It could have been my lack of sleep or gnawing hunger for something other than naan bread, but as I headed back to the bus, I was overcome. His passionate story was beautiful, just as beautiful as Asha and Suzy, the elephants I met. And, I wanted to immediately share my experience with everyone I knew. At that moment, it dawned on me what Beautyologie.com should be…a platform to highlight how we all find and create beauty in life.

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