The Problem with Halloween

14 Oct

MH-VA-01R_HiRes-Smaller-ImageAs a kid growing up who’s mom made thriftiness an art form, choosing a Halloween costume every year was a pretty restrained event. I was simply given a few options (based around the leftover yarn, fabric and hand me downs that we had in the garage) and voila, a costume was created. Just for me. Boy, was I lucky the year I went as Raggedy Ann. With an upside down mop on my head.

These days, Halloween costume decision making starts early in the summer. Liam and Ella begin plotting out what they’re going to be while building sandcastles at Zuma. If they would only stick with their first idea, I’d have no problem. But with all the choices available, they no sooner decide on one costume before something triggers their imagination, and they change their minds. Again and again. And again. Seeing what costume idea will make it to the finish line is kinda like watching The Hunger Games. You never know which one will come out alive. I’ve learned not to indulge in their fantasies too early in the season because by the time the actual holiday comes around, they absolutely refuse to wear whatever costume I bought in August.

So far this season, Liam’s case of indecision has been his finest yet. Here’s a list of the ones I could remember to write down (I’m sure there were plenty others):

  • A Penguin
  • Michael Angelo, the Ninja Turtle
  • The Black Knight
  • A Jester
  • A Creeper (from Mindcraft)
  • A Soul Taker (not sure what that is)
  • An Enderman (from Mindcraft)
  • A Pirate
  • A Ninja
  • A Mummy
  • The Headless Horseman
  • The Lone Ranger
  • Hawk Eye
  • A werewolf
  • A basketball playing werewolf (from Teen Wolf)

Now that it’s the middle of October, I figured it’s probably a good time to have them watch Sophie’s Choice. I’m just kidding. They were pretty good at narrowing down. The winners?  Thor and a Dead Dolly. For the next two weeks, I’m avoiding even driving by any mall, Target or Halloween Spirit store for fear that they may change their minds. Again.


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