Ken Paves Made Love To My Hair

23 Jul


It’s so funny looking at this picture because this was my AFTER look. My after look as in yes I did one of those “WEN” style infommercials recently where you try a new hair product and show off how your hair looks BEFORE and AFTER. Honestly, my hair has never looked so good in a BEFORE shot, even though I just told you this was way after the fact. After I had my hair blown out, styled and restyled and restyled as I sat and waited for hours for the director and his cameramen to interview me. The hairdressers on the shoot worked my hair over so many times I didn’t think I’d have much hair left to show off. I had my makeup done, too…over and over again at least three times before it was my time to sit on the comfy overstuffed chair, look into the camera and gab about how much I love Ken Paves’ Self Help Hair Care line.

A friend of mine works in casting for infommercials and asked me if I wanted to participate. A day of pampering, away from kids and responsibilities? What’s that, you say? You want to style my hair, do my makeup, play dress up AND feed me? Um, ok!

The only thing I had to do was use the product line for at least 4 days in a row prior to going on camera. As soon as I said yes, I received a box at my doorstep to get my sudsing up underway. The line includes the Integrity In Sulfate-Free ShampooThe Power of Now Conditioner and the Get Deep Anti Aging Mask. I’m used to trying new products all the time and was totally familiar with Ken Paves (I do or did, watch Oprah, people), so I was eager to break into these goodies, which really did smell great. Much better than the Suave Cowabunga Coconut Smoothers crap I was sneaking from my kids’ shower stash.

The only part of the four day treatment that I found funky was that I had to towel dry my hair after I conditioned it and before I applied the conditioning mask. Basically, I just hung my head out of the shower, toweled it real quick before ducking back into the shower to apply my mask and meditate. Actually, I read Entertainment Weekly, which got all wet and curly.

But when I emerged and combed out my hair with the cute wooden comb the goodie box came with, I did notice my hair felt smoother, stronger and super clean. The fact that the mask says its anti-aging I think is pretty cool because how many hair products out there actually market to “mature” hair? (Not to say that my hair is old, but “distinguished” is maybe a better way to put it…especially those gray roots that crop up every six, ok four weeks.)

To make this long story short, Ken Paves Self Help Hair Care Line really is fabulous product. I recommend the line to anyone with stressed out, frizzy, tired hair. While the directions say you should use the entire product line for six full weeks to see the true benefits, I did notice positive results in just four days with the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. The line also includes a daily vitamin supplement for strong nails and hair which I did not take (I like to experiment with products on my hair and skin…internal testing is not my thing). There is also a Shining Soul Volume Friendly Glosserand a Stop Putting Up Walls Flexible Hold Hair Spray (who the hell comes up with these names) to the Ken Paves SelfHelp Hair Care line. The spray smells amazing and does have incredible hold. It also doesn’t hurt that I found Ken Paves super cool. While the actual shooting day was long and hot (we were stuck inside a Valley house garage for eight hours in the middle of July), his tales about his mom kept me quite entertained.

To date, it’s been about six months since I did the infommercial and I haven’t seen it yet. Last I heard it didn’t test too well and they were making some changes. Just hope they edited out the scene where I’m standing by a rose garden ectastically running my hands through my hair. That part felt more like I was shooting an SNL parody.

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