Has Anyone Ever Told You, You Look Like Sandra Bullock?

9 Jul

I’ll never forget when I was waiting tables at The Good Earth restaurant in the ’90s and a mom and daughter in my section both could not get over my resemblance to…wait for it…Ricki Lake. I wanted so badly to spit in their Sweet & Spicy hot tea. They genuinely seemed like they were paying me a compliment.





Then there was the time I was trying on fancy dresses for a fraternity dance in college when the sales lady in Fashion Island said I looked just like Jamie Lee Curtis. I was 19. Jamie Lee Curtis was like, old. That didn’t sit well either.
But honestly, there’s nothing better for a shot of self-confidence then when a complete stranger tells you look like an attractive movie star. Especially if that movie star has been voted byPeople magazine as one of the “World’s Most Beautiful People”.  So imagine my elation the other day when the girl taking my order at California Chicken Cafe says, “Has anyone ever told you look like Sandra Bullock?” Wow. I blush. Honesty, what do you say? The answer is yes, but do I tell her that? Jesus, that would sound so conceited! Even just writing this can come off as totally narcissistic. But yes, I have been compared to the lovely Ms. Bullock. It’s true. Years ago when I actually worked at People magazine as a lowly editorial assistant, Steven Cojocaru told me I reminded him of SB. I loved Steven. He called me his “Jewish sista”. This was way before the whole “Cojo” thing. Now, he wouldn’t even remember this sista. So as I reach for my broccoli soup I shyly say, “Thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Man, that’s all it took to make the rest of my day float by. Giddy, I text my husband to share my recent compliment. His quick response:


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