Getting To The Root Of The Problem

31 Jan


Last weekend, I drove my daughter to her friend’s house for a play date. Since I had some time to kill and was friends with the girl’s mom, I thought I’d park and come in with Ella to say “Hi” for a few minutes. Apparently, this joint mom/daughter hang out session wasn’t going to fly with Ella. Not because she didn’t want me skulking around, but as she so eloquently informed me, it was because of my appearance. “You’re going to go in?” she freaked as I turned off the ignition. “Your gray is showing!”

I almost kicked her to the curb. But instead, I sucked my lips in, checked out my roots in the rear-view mirror and did my best to ignore her. 

As soon as I got home, I quickly made a color appointment with Angelique and dove into a deep depression about how this expensive root-touch up maintenance was going to be the financial death of me. I’ve been playing a game of hide-and-seek with my gray since I was in my mid-twenties and the bastards are finally catching up. Six weeks between visits has now turned into 5 weeks, but even then, I feel like I could go every 3-4. 

I tried that colored mascara crap that you paint on your roots in-between visits and hated it. I have a huge collection of hats, but I never wear them. Headbands? They give me headaches. So this is what I did. I shaved my head. I’m just kidding. I found this stuff that looks just like a big eyeshadow with a mini paint brush that you’re supposed to brush on over your roots by Adrienne Arpel. It’s called Signature A Thinning Hair Fill & Color from HSN. I am so not a TV shopper. My mom is the queen of info-mmercial shopping and she swore by it. 

I have to admit, it’s quite magical.signature-club-a-hair-fill-and-color-kit-gray-autoship-d-2013060313095334~270904

If you can get past the mugs on these dames in this video, you can learn all about it for yourself (the brunette IS Adrienne Arpel):

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 10.02.48 PM

Once I begin to see some silver sparkle around my hairline, I lightly brush the powder over it. If you apply to heavily, the color can show up on your scalp which will cause you to look like you got attacked by Ron Popeil. It took me a couple times to get the hang of it, but now I’m not ashamed to say it’s one of my new best friends.


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