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My Erma Bombeck Essay

17 Mar

erma_hdrlogoI entered this essay into the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition and alas, I did not win :-( . I enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoy reading it!

The Uninvited Guest

Thanksgiving is four days away and I’m hosting 12 for dinner. I never planned for 13.

The menu had been prepared and the shopping was done. I even found a caramel apple cake recipe I couldn’t wait to bake. Then, the oven stopped working.

“Did you know you have a rat?” the repairman asked me, pointing to evidence behind the oven.

Whaat? I can barely buy dog food at Petco just knowing they have rats for sale. They scared me to death. I was looking forward to creating a memorable Thanksgiving for my family. This rat was not my family!

After examining the inner workings of my oven, he informed me it couldn’t be fixed. The rat ate through the insulation and wiring, and took up residence in the back.

Clenching my credit card, I jetted to the mall and charged $1,000 on a shiny new Kenmore. Damn rat. At least it was gone and Mamah could still have her rutabaga.

The next day, my dishwasher stopped working. As I crouched down to check it out, I saw a tail whip underneath. I screamed so loudly that both my kids flew to my rescue with super hero masks and light sabers ready for war.

This was getting personal. The oven was one thing, but no way was I letting this rat take out my dishwasher, or even worse, make me hand wash table settings for 12!  

My husband thought we needed Orkin, but I begged to differ as revenge blinded my rationale. After $2,000 (really?) and two separate “four-hour delivery windows,” I transformed from Martha Stewart to Willie from Duck Dynasty. “What we need are some good ol’ snap traps and glue boards,” I declared, heading out for ammo. That bastard was mine.

It’s the morning before Thanksgiving and still no sign of “the uninvited guest.” Should I call Orkin? What if the rat comes out of my mom’s stuffing? The horror…that’s when I heard the squeal. I entered the bathroom and there it was stuck to a glue board. I almost felt bad for the thing, but then I thought about my new credit card bill and I went Goodfellas. With the whack of a bat, I conquered my biggest fear. It’s funny what potential family shame can do to a person’s worst phobias. I wonder what else I’m capable of…

After disinfecting the crime scene, I went off to tend to my other prey, the turkey. Dinner was delicious.

Finally, it was time for the piece de resistance; my caramel apple cake. I tried heating up the caramel sauce in the microwave…but it had stopped working.

Apparently, the rat had a family, too.

Napkins Are Not Just For Wiping

30 Dec

Matta Napkin is the brilliant blog of funny-man John Matta. He doodles humorous little cartoons on napkins and shares them here.

Napkin013 FIX  Once in a while, lucky guest doodlers get to post their creations as well. Yesterday, that lucky guest was yours truly!  

Guest Napkin: Robin Tolkan-Doyle

Robin Tolkin Doyle

Robin is adept at organizing her kids’ Legos and is about to master 5th grade math. She also runs the boutique public relations agency Charmed PR and occasionally blogs about finding beauty in life, lipstick and loud children

Season’s Greetings

22 Dec


Adding a humorous slant to your holidays cards seems to be more in fashion this year than ever before. But I couldn’t just sit back and watch all these other families and bloggers link to their funny cards without throwing in my contribution. My family and I have actually been sending out stupid holiday cards since, well, forever. At this point, it just feels lazy to do anything else, even though the pressure to top the previous year becomes greater and greater. “Why can’t you just do a nice picture of the four of you like everyone else?” my mom asks year after year. Because we’re not like everyone else. Enjoy and happy holidays!

xo, Beautyologie