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Hello and welcome to Beautyologie.

This blog has been about three years in the making. Not because I’m some incredible Pulitzer prize-winning writer whose been busy fielding the offers of rabid producers pleading with me to turn Beautyologie into a multi-million Hollywood blockbuster. (Note: if you are a producer and like what you’re reading, feel free to contact my agent.) It’s taken me three years because three years ago, I decided to create a blog and I loved the name I came up with. It’s cute, right? But that was it.  I wasn’t sure exactly what I was going to write about.

Yes, in my past I wrote about beauty for a profession, but I didn’t want it to be just another beauty product review blog where I paint my nails every week with some holographic/confetti/sparkly nail polish and talk about how it’s changed my life.

Yes, I’m a mom, but I didn’t want this to be just another mom blog where I posted precocious pictures of my kids and wrote about the funny things they said. (I welcome anyone to debate me about where you will find a wittier, more sarcastic or more hilarious pair of kids. Try me. Ella and Liam will take your down your kin.)

And ah, yes, I’ve hit the 40 mark, That much touted wisdom everyone talks about being blessed with by your fourth decade in life really has been bestowed upon me. I don’t care what people think of me anymore like I used to when I was younger. I want to wear skinny jeans? Hell, I’ll wear them. And when I hear twenty-something women talk about how they’re going to be the CEO of their own Fortune 500 company have well-adjusted children, a loving husband and be completely SSRI-free, I laugh. A lot.

Turning 40 has been a reality check. Life as I know it may be almost half over. But I may also have the next best 40+ years ahead of me. I can complain about my deepening crow’s feet, gray roots and whining kids, or I can complain about my deepening crow’s feet, gray roots and whining kids…while seeing the beauty in all of it. Sometimes it’s not always easy. But I’ve made a conscious choice to find that beauty every day.

So that’s what I write about here. Anything that makes me laugh, spend money I shouldn’t have or inspires me to be a better person on this planet. Anyone else here who wants to be a Beautyologist*? Then bookmark my blog and let’s get this party started!


*Beau-ty-ol-o-gist  noun

A person who specializes in beautyologie.

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