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New York Fashion Week; Woof Woof

14 Feb

Today marks the last day of yet another successful Fashion Week in NYC. Despite the frigid east coast weather, the fashion elite triumphed through sleet and snow in their stilettos to catch their favorite designers’ Fall 2013 collections strut down the runways. It all looked very important and super fabulous according to the fashion blogs and websites I follow through my 13″ MacBook Pro while sitting at my desk in my pajamas (or sometimes, sweaty gym clothes) in my home office in the Valley. However, I can’t help but draw a mental comparison with another very important and equally fabulous event that also took place in NYC just days ago; The Westminster Kennel Dog Show.

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Lunch in Paris

14 Feb


Lunch in Paris was a gift from my husband. He saw Paris and lunch in the title and said he had to get it for me. I devoured it in less than a week, along with several glasses of red wine and a few squares of dark chocolate.